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April 25, 2009– In response to cases of swine influenza A(H1N1), reported in Mexico and the United States of America, the Director-General of the World April 26, 2009 – Dot Earth


Health Agencies Warily Monitor Swine Flu Strain

Dr. Schchat said that there were no new confirmed human cases of swine influenza in the United States. On Friday, two were announced in Texas and six in April 26, 2009 – By DONALD G. McNEIL Jr. – International / Americas


Mexico Takes Powers to Isolate Cases of Swine Flu

8 New York Students Likely Have Strain of Swine Flu (April 26, 2009) for a type of influenza that health officials suspect could be the new swine flu. April 26, 2009 – By MARC LACEY and ELISABETH MALKIN – International / Americas

Mystery Disease Called Not Contagious

He added that there had been “no secondary cases” and that this lack of contagiousness had eliminated swine influenza asp the cause because “in a typical August 6, 1976

CLUE TO INFLUENZA SEEN IN HOG VIRUS; Shope Reports Tracing Swine …

Dr. Shope concluded that earthworms were carriers of swine influenza virus. He found that earthworms swallow the eggs of swine , that the larvae of these July 21, 1939

Ford Urges Flu Campaign To Inoculate Entire U.S.; He Will Ask …

Fort Dix (virus was that of swine influenza or something closely . The evidence that it was caused by swine influenza virus is that almost all Americans March 25, 1976


The diagnosis of swine influenza in such a case would be considered stronger if there had been evidence of person-toperson spread of the infection. November 25, 1976


Swine Flu Fears at School in Queens

Swine Flu Fears at a Private School in Queens tests were being conducted in an effort to rule out swine flu as the cause of the students’ symptoms. Influenza Get E-Mail Alerts · Queens (NYC) Get E-Mail Alerts April 25, 2009 – By ANAHAD O’CONNOR – New York Region

Health Officers Query Need of Flu Shots for All

The swine influenza virus causes flu-like illness in pigs, ,but evidently has not hereto. Ix fore caused major outbreaks in humans for many decades. April 3, 1976

Influenza Virus Is Called Dormant, But Health Officials Remain Wary

Health officials feared that a new swine influenza strain would emerge as the principal Since then, just three other cases of ,swine influenza have been


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